Local Links:

City of Malvern F.D.

Magnet Cove F.D.

Hot Spring County DEM / 9-1-1

Arkansas Fire Service Information:

Arkansas Fire Academy

Arkansas Fire Watch Newsletter

Arkansas Forestry Commision

AR State Firefighter’s Assoc.

AR Dept. of Emergency Management

Mental Health Links:

Most people are aware of the physical demands that first response activities place on firefighters and EMS providers. But it is important to also realize the impact that fighting fires and responding to emergencies has on the mental well-being of emergency personnel. Firefighters and EMS providers face the risk of many behavioral health concerns such as anxiety, depression, burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder, and addiction among others.

Firefighters &

Alcohol Addiction Help

Behavioral Health in the Fire Service (IAFF)

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance

Share the Load Program (NVFC)

Code Green Campaign

Training Links:

Online NIMS Classes

FEMA EMI Online Courses

AFA On-Campus Training Schedule

NIMS Online

Online Thermal Imager
Training by Bullard

Online Fire Investigator Training by IAAI

Fire Safety & Prevention:

US Fire Administration for Parents

Arkansas NO Novelty Lighters Coalition

Smokey Bear


Emergency Medical Services:

LifeNet EMS

Arkansas Department of Health – EMS Division

Survival Flight

Air Evac

Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Arkansas Children’s Hospital – Burn Center

Arkansas EMT Association

National Association of EMT’s

National Registry of EMT’s


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